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Matthew Maloney
First Financial Asset Management / FFAM Capital Partners

Matthew Maloney

Matthew Maloney is a Founder and the Chief Investment Officer for First Financial Asset Management and FFAM Capital Partners. In this role as CIO, he directly controls the entire operational platform of the Company's receivables purchasing & receivables finance initiatives, including but not limited to tactical strategies, acquisition & disposition of portfolio assets, and all other aspects of this division of the Company. Mr. Maloney is directly responsible for all Capital Markets development, raising capital to finance the Company's portfolio investments. Thru Mr. Maloney's guidance, FFAM Capital Partners has become one of the most widely recognized firms in its industry, including one of the fastest growing and most notable healthcare receivables buyers and finance companies in the U.S. In his 12+ years in the industry, Mr. Maloney has been directly responsible for raising nearly $175 Million in capital, allowing the Company's debt buying division(s) to acquire portfolios of consumer receivables aggregating over $11.0 Billion since 2002.

Mr. Maloney is a long-standing member of ACA International, DBA International, Commercial Law League of America, and the National Association of Subrogation Professionals. In addition, Mr. Maloney holds positions on several industry association boards and panels including the current Chairperson of DBA Internationals State Legislative Committee (Southeast), Experian's Executive Collection Board, and past positions with ACA Asset Buyers Blue-Ribbon Panel. Mr. Maloney co-authored the industry's official Due Diligence Guidelines Manual (v. 1) for Debt Buyers published by ACA International, Inc, and has been a presenter at more than a 2-dozen industry trade shows. Mr. Maloney is also member of the Coleman Research Group Executive Forum (a consulting group of highly skilled executives providing business consulting for various industries), and sits on the board of directors for two companies outside of the ARM industry. He also is the Founder and Managing Principal of PIE Equity Partners, a boutique family-office investment fund focused on high-yield early stage investments.

Prior to joining FFAM Matthew worked in investment management & sales with other companies.

Mr. Maloney received his bachelor's degree in Finance from FSU. He is an upstanding member of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) and continues to be an active contributor to diverse community based initiatives, including a Discipleship group leader at Perimeter Church.

Matthew has a total of 12+ years' experience in the Financial Services and Venture Capital industry.